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Blue Gold in Canada

PhotoCredit_DaveBloggsCredit: Dave Bloggs 
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Today I would like to talk to you about water in Canada - this vital life resource that is sometimes referred to as “blue gold”. 
Did you know that World Water Day takes place in one week?

Established by the UN in 1993, it is held every March 22nd. Various activities mark this annual celebration which raises awareness about the vital importance of water, particularly in certain regions throughout the globe. To learn more about World Water Day, visit the UN website.


Let’s look at water’s importance in Canada.



Canada is one of nine countries where water is especially plentiful, and who together share 60% of the world’s natural renewable freshwater resources. In the province of Quebec alone there are half a million lakes and 4,500 rivers!

Canada has developed the energy-generating power of water very extensively, due to its great availability, especially in the province of Quebec. Quebec’s hydroelectric system produces “clean, renewable and reliable energy” and the government-run company, Hydro-Québec, has profited accordingly.

Canada’s Ministry of Health works closely with the ministries of each province and territory to ensure the safety of the country’s drinking water. Moreover, through its Office of Water Quality and Health, Health Canada contributes to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines on drinking water.
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Do you know any of these well-known brands of Canadian spring water?

Can you think of others? 

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