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30 years of preserving your



Dear Friends,

It is with joy and honor that I announce to you that this year marks TIMC’s 30th anniversary.

Indeed, 30 years ago, TIMC pioneered a holistic approach to preserving High Net-Worth families’ wealth and secure their children’s future.

By seamlessly delivering exclusive investment and second citizenship solutions to our customers around the world, my team and I were able to achieve the following milestones together:


2,500 families’ lives changed

When we look back at the journey of these remarkable 30 years, we feel blessed and privileged to have been part of the change in the lives of so many families. 

We have successfully worked with over 2,500 clients to strategically diversify both their assets and citizenship across the globe. In doing so, we have secured a better future for themselves and their children, for generations to come.


CAD $1,000,000,000 successfully invested

Over these 3 decades, TIMC has successfully raised over one billion dollars for our partners from different jurisdictions around the world. 



3,000 trips to meet with you 

This year, we celebrate the completion of over 3,000 trips since 1988. Our advisors have traveled the globe to meet with our clients privately, in their home countries. All of this to seamlessly deliver exclusive investment and second citizenship solutions under one umbrella.

We have shared wonderful memories and made enduring relationships with our customers and partners.


50 countries explored

We fell in love with over 50 countries throughout our travels in Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Europe. At TIMC,  we understand the importance of delivering our services to your doorstep to make your journey with us a seamless one.




We at TIMC believe our holistic approach to wealth preservation will better withstand today’s global uncertainties, and we look forward to helping many more families in the years to come.

On behalf of my entire team, I would like to thank you for the trust you have shown us throughout the last 30 years! It has been a journey of success, friendship, and wonder. I am touched to share this milestone with you.


Best Regards,

Amre Qahawish


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