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Covid-19: Innovating to continually meet our customers' needs



Dear TIMC family,

As world governments are looking for new and innovative ways to protect their citizens and halt the spread of Covid-19, we at TIMC have also been looking for new and innovative ways to work in order to meet our customers’ needs, while maintaining the safety of our employees and customers.

Of course, travel restrictions are one of the biggest challenges we are facing, as it is preventing our team from meeting you in your home country.

Even though we asked our staff to work from their homes as part of our social distancing measures, all our employees are equipped with video calling capabilities and are currently connecting with our customers and each other via FaceTime, WhatsApp video, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Zoom and many other platforms during regular business hours (9am to 5pm EST or UTC-5).

We are also communicating via text on the same platforms 24/7, to ensure all your needs are being met.

Please let us know if travel restrictions are also causing issues for you and we will endeavour to help. We are working with different partners and governments to find solution for our customers.

Life must go on, and we will do our best to find new innovative ways to keep helping our customers preserve their children’s future by diversifying their family’s wealth and citizenship.

If anything, in recent weeks, the Covid-19 crisis has proven to us all the importance of having multiple citizenships and multiple investments in private capital securities (markets not correlated to the public capital markets performance) as part of a robust wealth preservation strategy.

While the public securities markets have shown short term volatility because of Covid-19, our investors have enjoyed the peace and calm of long-term alternative investments that were based of specific strategies, not correlated to public securities market performance.

We are still able to on-board new customers on new citizenship by investment programs. To that point, I encourage you to visit our website as we were able to add many more programs to meet individual needs. In addition, we continue to fulfill new customers’ subscriptions for new investments or disbursements of dividends from profits, for existing customers.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding your file.

I wish you the best of health during this challenging period, I am confident that this too shall pass.

Best regards,

Amre Qahawish