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Portugal Golden Visa


Special interview with Mr. Nicolas Salerno
Board Member at Investaureum


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In line with our holistic approach, and our endeavor to offer you the best solutions that will help preserve your wealth and secure your family’s future, it is with great pleasure that we present here our exclusive interview with Mr. Nicolas Salerno, Board Member at Investaureum, TIMC’s new distinguished partner for the Portugal Golden Visa Program.

Very popular with wealthy families around the world, this European Program offers remarkable benefits, distinguishing itself from other residency or citizenship by investment programs.

We hope to be able to shed more light on the features of the Golden Visa and the main reasons why investors are participating in this Program.


Dear Mr. Salerno, why do you think so many international investors and their families are interested in participating in Portugal's Golden Visa Program?

Nicolas Salerno:
Portugal represents today a perfect answer to international investor needs:
safest place in the World, top health system ahead of popular UK, Canada, USA and France; accessible cost of living and affordability of the Golden Visa option.

Many of our clients feel the file processing timeline is too long for some residency programs. What about the Golden Visa process?

Portugal is a rather quick program with an average processing seating at 8 months from the investment until the residency permit, especially when you compare with USA and Canada.
We consider this processing time as being very acceptable in light of the necessary due diligence and the very little documentary constraints surrounding the application.

In five words, how would you describe this Program?


Portugal Golden Visa

Who is Investaureum and what is the firm’s latest real estate project, offered to international investors as part of the Golden Visa Program?

Investaureum is a boutique real estate developer specialized in rehabilitation of patrimonial and heritage property. It is the encounter of passionate skilled partners from diversified horizon: hospitality, real estate, law and global immigration.

Our latest project is Royal San Paulo, a 5 star luxury hotel development in Vila Vicosa, showcasing the city of the King and one of its most iconic property, the former Monastery of San Paulo. This project is a buy-back option, ie giving full security on the investment to the investor.

We also have a very charming apartments building in Porto named ALEGRIA, developing 16 apartments fully furnished and equipped, intended to cater short-term rental market.

Portugal Urban landscape-1

What made you want to get involved with the Golden Visa Program?

I assume my background kind of push me in this industry being a global citizen myself, born in Monaco from Italian, Polish and French descent, grew up in Europe and Africa then moved to Canada and Middle East… you got the picture. Then there is this particular feeling of satisfaction to see that, beyond the sound investment, you are actually providing a real life changing solution with the residency program.

What is the profile of a typical applicant investor for this Program?

An educated business man/woman, married with children, successful and who is aiming for either a better education environment for his children; a safe place to reside now or later on in his life; or simply for an insurance policy. We also have numerous clients who are seeking a more favorable tax environment (Portugal being one of the EU performing tax regime with the NHR).

Thank you, Mr. Salerno, for taking the time to respond to these interview questions and for all the information you have provided about the Golden Visa Program through Investaureum, which promises to be a compelling opportunity for our distinguished clients.

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