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How Do Wealthy Canadians
Invest Their Money?

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I thought you might be interested to learn about which investments are popular with wealthy Canadian investors. Here is an example of the distribution of assets of a typical high net-worth portfolio, from Forbes magazine:


Photo_Credit_-_Phil_DeMuthSource: IPI


A combination of two winning factors

The first factor appears on the graph above: financial asset diversification. Indeed, we see considerable diversification in asset allocation, half of which represents alternative investments in the exempt or private markets (left side of the graph) and the other half represents the public markets (right side of the graph) . Diversification is the key to the success of any portfolio, on the one hand to preserve its wealth and on the other to increase its value over the medium and long-term.

The second factor is geographical diversification. Canada's wealthy investors recognize that by investing in various financial markets in the world, their portfolio will be less affected by the economy of a particular country or region, should there be a political or economic crisis.


High-value Hobbies

Moreover, according to a study published by the Bank of Montreal - Harris, affluent Canadians engage in pastimes that add to the value of their assets. They collect such high-value items as works of art, stamps, antiques, old cars and sports collectibles. At the same time as pursuing their favourite passions and hobbies they increase their overall wealth.

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