Steps to prepare your upcoming arrival in Canada.
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Preparing your arrival in Canada

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Summer is the time of the year where most of our clients arrive to Canada for their First Landing, in other words their first trip after receiving their visa.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the list of steps to prepare before, and in the few days after you and your family arrive to your new country of residence, Canada.


First Landing in Canada: Necessary Steps and Recommendations

1. Prepare all necessary documents for your First Landing, such as Quebec Certificates of Selection, Confirmation of Permanent Residence forms and the Personal Effects Accounting Document listing all your belongings that you will bring to Canada in the future.

2. Plan where you will stay during your first days in Canada: you may contact our Executive Corporate Concierge desk at TIMC for help in planning your stay for this Landing;

3. Purchase private health insurance, to cover your family until you obtain government health insurance in Canada;

4. Learn more about the province and the city you will be living in;

5. Purchase some warm clothes if you are arriving in Canada between the months of October and April;

6. Apply for a Social Insurance Number as you will need it to be able to work in Canada. To learn more about Social Insurance Number, please click here.

7. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will send you your Permanent Resident card by mail, at the Canadian address you provided upon your arrival.


Steps to take before you permanently establish your family in Canada

1. Collect and bring to Canada all official documents belonging to you and the family members who are arriving with you, such as: Birth certificates, passports, marriage or divorce certificates, adoption records, educational diplomas, official vaccination records, medical and dental records, driver’s licence, etc. These documents can be found in your Immigrant Investor Program’s file;

2. Prepare yourself or your family members to find employment if needed: gather letters of reference from previous employers, learn about the process of getting your educational and professional qualifications officially recognized in Canada;

3. Learn about the education system in Canada: take note of deadlines for applying and registering at schools, colleges and universities;

4. Learn about Canadian laws and your rights and civic responsibilities when you become a resident of Canada. Click here to learn more about Canadian laws.


During your first 2 weeks in Canada

1.Learn about the different resources and sources of information available to help you settle in Canada.

2. Apply for a government health insurance card as soon as possible after arriving in Canada. Click here to learn how to register;

3. Obtain a map and walk around to get to know your city and the local services available. Research the best transportation methods that suit your family’s needs;

4. Memorize the national emergency telephone number: 911. If you experience a medical or other type of emergency, do not hesitate to call for help;

5. Learn a convenient way of making telephone calls and accessing the Internet.


During your first 2 months in Canada

1. Get business and bank reference letters, and start the process of business prospecting by subscribing to the Chamber of Commerce, for example, and other organizations that will help you develop your Canadian business network;

2. If your first language is not French or English, make a plan to improve your French and English language skills. Click here to learn about improving your English or French;

3. Search for a home to rent or purchase. Click here to learn how to do so;

4. Register your children in school. Click here to read more about choosing a school;

5. Obtain a Canadian driver’s licence if you plan to drive in Canada. Click here to learn how to obtain your driver`s licence;

6. Find a doctor or health-care center where you can go for your medical needs. Click here to read more about finding a doctor and dentist.


2 Videos to help you prepare

The following two videos also explain very well how to get ready for your new life in Canada. You may view them by clicking on the links below:


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