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Protect your family's future with a Commonwealth-country passport


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More than a year has passed since the beginning of the pandemic but the global uncertainties remain. Several of our clients have already taken action to secure part of their assets and protect their family's future through our holistic wealth preservation approach.

At TIMC, we are convinced that obtaining a second citizenship and passport for your family is one of the best routes to preserve your future.

For that reason, we have summarized here the latest improvements made on the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program, giving you and your family visa-free access to 165 jurisdictions in just a few months:

Stronger Passport

At the end of 2019, several countries were added to the new visa waiver agreements, including Qatar, India, Russia, Kosovo, and Bolivia, to just name a few. Ongoing discussions are still happening to also include United Arab Emirates, Australia, New-Zealand, and Canada.

Therefore, in addition to the European Union countries, including the United Kingdom, citizens of Antigua & Barbuda have now visa-free access to 165 jurisdictions. Among them are:

124 sovereign states
13 British Overseas Territories
10 overseas Departments and Collectivities of France
6 Dutch territories
3 territories of other European countries

Shorter Processing Time

In 2020, in order to mitigate the effects of the current situation on travel restrictions, the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) has introduced new measures to improve the submission files' processing time:

Applications can now be submitted electronically and the initial filing of the applicant's documentation is more flexible.

Reduction of Fees

Since last year, many investors and their families have taken advantage of the reduction of government fees also introduced as part of the Program's enhancement. This reduction of fees applies on the additional dependents and on the Real Estate option.

The fee structure has been simplified to a $US 30,000 processing fee per application including up to 4 family members.

More Family Members eligible

Always family-friendly oriented, Antigua & Barbuda Program has opened its door to extended dependent family members.

The announcement made on November 2020 has attracted many families who needed to not only protect their close family members but also help their grand-children, siblings, and in-laws preserve their future.

Click here for more details on this improvement.

As these improvements in the Antigua and Barbuda Program have attracted many international families, I would like you to not miss this opportunity to obtain a passport from this Commonwealth country.

Exceptional Real Estate Opportunity for the Program

Our renowned real estate partner for the Program, Nonsuch Bay, offers an excellent investment opportunity. To have a look at the Nonsuch Bay brochure, please CLICK HERE.

Kindly note that following a growing success, there are now only 4 suites available to international investors in Nonsuch Bay, Phase 2. This is a unique opportunity to invest in a beautiful property in Antigua, leading to obtaining Antigua and Barbuda passport and citizenship for your family in just a few months.

Investing now in a high quality property with our successful partner Nonsuch Bay will help you benefit from a strong second passport for the whole family. You will get peace of mind knowing that you have a way out for any critical situation.

If you, or any of your friends and family members, are interested to learn more on the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program, do not hesitate to visit our website page by CLICKING HERE.

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