Discover this beautiful vacation-home resort, giving you access to Antigua & Barbuda citizenship and passport by purchasing a property.
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with Mr. Cameron Fraser, Director
Nonsuch Bay Development Company Ltd, Antigua


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A few weeks ago, TIMC's Chief Communications Officer, Ms. Jeanne Labbe, had the priviledge of interviewing Mr. Cameron Fraser, Director of Nonsuch Bay Development, one of Antigua's premium high-end real-estate projects. We hope you enjoy discovering this beautiful vacation-home resort, which caters to those who wish to purchase a vacation home through the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program and obtain passport and citizenship for their family.


Jeanne Labbé, TIMC: 
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today Mr. Fraser. My goal with this interview is to ensure TIMC's customers, International High Net Worth investors, of the history behind this project:  the quality of the materials used, and the expertise of its developers who already have successfully completed and are managing two fully operational resorts on the island. 

Let's start from the beginning: tell us about Mr. Cameron Fraser and how you got started into real-estate?

Cameron Fraser, Nonsuch Bay: 
My family moved to Antigua in 1967 when I was three years old and my brother was two.  My father was an architect and built his first private villa in the late 60’s.

In 1975 I attended boarding school in Scotland and in 1983 I went to work in the timber industry in Australia then in London. It was in 1990 that I decided to return to Antigua with my fiancée and started a workshop. The business specialized in interior work in private homes, designing and building libraries, kitchens, fitted furniture and started taking over work from general contractors.    


Mr. Cameron Fraser
Director, Nonsuch Bay Development Company Ltd.

Ms. Jeanne Labbé
Chief Communications Officer, TIMC 

Jeanne Labbé, TIMC: 
What inspired you to start the Nonsuch Bay project?

Cameron Fraser, Nonsuch Bay: 
I learned to sail in this bay, and I used to come here with my two sons on the weekends where we would take long walks together admiring the beautiful views of the ocean from these cliffs.

In 2003, I started looking for a location to develop a real-estate project with my brother, and found out that this 42 acre location was available.

My brother and I both wanted to develop a high-end residential-hotel project where families from around the world would come to spend time in their vacation homes.


Jeanne Labbé, TIMC: 
In what year did the Nonsuch Bay Development project begin?

Cameron Fraser, Nonsuch Bay: 
We started the project in 2003, and in 2009 70% of the construction was completed. We opened in 2010 and started working with the Citizenship by Investment Program in 2013.


Jeanne Labbé, TIMC:

What were the major challenges you encountered building a massive project like Nonsuch Bay?

Cameron Fraser, Nonsuch Bay: 
First of all, there was no paved road that came to this part of the island. We had to have the road paved ourselves with reinforced concrete.  We had to lay our own water-pipes, our own sewage treatment and our own generator. Our resort can basically run independently from the rest of the island if needed. 

Another challenge of building on an island is the supply chain: we need to plan a major real-estate project like this one very differently, for example, there is no dry-wall material available on the island, so it must be ordered, prepaid, and shipped a long time in advance.  We need to have a much tighter control on our supply chain to make sure we do not run out of materials.


Jeanne Labbé, TIMC:
How many units have been sold so far?

Cameron Fraser, Nonsuch Bay: 
Phase 1 of our project is composed of 62 units, of 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms.  Ideal for families.   55 units have been sold in this phase so far.

We also have 15 townhouses and villa lots under construction.
Phase 2 will have 188 hotel suites in blocks of 4 units per block, 17 units have been sold in Phase 2 so far.


Jeanne Labbé, TIMC: 
How many investors have purchased a unit in Nonsuch Bay through the CIP?

Cameron Fraser, Nonsuch Bay: 
About 1/3 of the units were acquired by Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program investors. LAUNCH_NEWSLETTER_PHOTO.jpg

Jeanne Labbé, TIMC: 
What is the property’s greatest advantage over other investment properties being built on the island and approved by CIP?

Cameron Fraser, Nonsuch Bay: 
The Citizenship by Investment Program has a residency requirement of five days in Antigua.  Most of our CIP investors stay a lot longer than their required five days in their homes at Nonsuch Bay, that has a lot to say.
Our villas are family-oriented, with one to three bedrooms per unit, and our sailing club attracts many children. 
There aren't many managed high-end gated communities on the island. We are proud to be one of the major players.


Jeanne Labbé, TIMC: 
What needs to continue to happen in order for the value of the properties to maintain? 

Cameron Fraser, Nonsuch Bay: 
The developers, my brother and I, need to continue our commitment to EXCELLENCE and deliver what we pledged to do. 

Our average unit prices went from $320,000 in 2008 to $564,000 in 2016.  We expect them to reach $700,000 in 2026. Resort_RestPoolLounging_HR6_4.jpg

Jeanne Labbé, TIMC: 
What is the average return that an owner can expect from the rental of his unit, managed by Nonsuch Bay?

Cameron Fraser, Nonsuch Bay: 
We expect our owners in our Phase 2 to realize an estimate of 6% return net of the cost associated with ownership of the suites. This is based in the experience gained from ownership and operation of Cocobay Resort and Coconut Beach Club. 


Jeanne Labbé, TIMC: 
Thank you very much Mr. Fraser for this inspiring story behind Nonsuch Bay.

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