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Mr. Martin Boulianne

Branch Manager and Investment Advisor at Richardson GMP



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In keeping with our holistic approach to preserve our clients’ future, which consists of strategically and simultaneously diversifying assets and citizenship, TIMC has recently entered into a partnership with Richardson GMP Ltd, Canada’s largest independent asset investment firm, which handles close to CAN$ 27 billion.

We met up with Martin Boulianne, Branch Manager and Investment Advisor at Richardson GMP.


What makes Richardson GMP unique?

What sets this company apart from other investment firms are the independent advice, products, and services it offers its clients.

This way we are certain to offer our clients products and services that truly fit their needs, free of any corporate influence. We offer access to all products and all service suppliers in Canada and abroad.

Richardson’s employees own 40% of the company, which means that there is a strong sense of partnership, aimed at the success of the company and of our clients.


How will our partnership benefit our international clients?

At Richardson GMP we can put together a financial product that meets the specific needs of TIMC-exclusive clients.

We can offer traditional financial investment, risk capital, private capital, and products on the exempt market to respond to the specific needs of the TIMC-exclusive clients. We also offer competitive investment products.


Mr Boulianne, your own ties with TIMC go back 10 years. Could you tell us about your activities at TIMC before you joined Richardson GMP?

Before joining Richardson GMP, I had the good fortune to accompany TIMC Advisors to various countries. This way I learned how professionally TIMC operates, how well they receive their exclusive clients and how much care they give them. I witnessed all this first hand.

I am entirely at the service of TIMC’s exclusive clientele, ready to respond to their questions and their needs of preserving capital. My bond with TIMC continues today through Richardson GMP.


Why do you think the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program forms a good choice for foreign investors and their families?

This Program is quite simple in terms of its demands. If the principal applicant qualifies in terms of assets and management experience, there is no further obligation to start a business like we see in other programs. It’s simply a matter of depositing a certain sum of money.


Why would you say it is necessary for interested and eligible investors to apply for this Program as soon as possible?

We do not control the rates that have been decided for the Program, which currently run from this year through March 2017. The Government controls them. Will they change the level of investment required for next year? At the moment, the rate is CAN$800,000. Next year, will it be around CAN$1.2 million or CAN$1.6 million? Other requirements might change as well, such as the maximum age of children or the level of education.

Also, since the value of the Canadian currency has dropped, we currently have one of the world’s cheapest Immigration Investment Programs.

In short, interested clients should seize the opportunity to join the Program sooner rather than later.


How will this Program help our clients preserve their future?

Here’s an example: I met a former client and his son, who was in the final stages of getting his Master’s degree at HEC Montréal. With the level of education he has received here, he can bring additional value that will contribute to the growth of this society or to the expansion of the family business. His father was proud to see that his son was adapting to life in Canada, had already built up an impressive business network, and that his newly acquired skills could be a real contribution.

Preserving the future is important. When we look at everything that’s happening in the world today, it’s important to have an “emergency exit,” to know that there is a place that will welcome us at any moment if problems or conflicts arise.


In which other ways can you help our clients preserve their future?

Thanks to our expertise, our independence, and our ability to choose the financial products that best suit your clients’ specific needs, we can build them a portfolio of assets and financial products that will offer maximum returns against minimal risk, for both short-term and long-term investments.

We also have a wide network of notaries, fiscal advisors, and specialists to maximise all available tax exemptions.

TIMC’s clients receive access to traditional investments complemented with innovative and exclusive investment solutions.


Mr Boulianne, thank you very much for telling us about Richardson GMP and how our partnership can help our clients preserve their future.