This week my colleague Jeanne Labbe from our Marketing Team had the privilege of meeting with the President of TIMC’s newest partner, Walton Canada, a family-owned Canadian real-estate land development company.
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With Mr. Tony Deegan, President of Walton International


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tony Tony Deegan
President at Walton        
jeanne Jeanne Labbe
Copywriter at TIMC

Jeanne Labbe from our Marketing Team had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Tony Deegan, the newly appointed President of Walton International, one of Canada's largest real-estate land development companies and TIMC’s newest partner,



Q1. Jeanne Labbe: Mr. Deegan, Walton and TIMC recently decided to partner together to offer Canada land investments to International High Net Worth Individuals. What is the greatest advantage of this partnership for TIMC’s select clientele?

Tony Deegan: Walton was first introduced to TIMC in September 2014. It was easy to see that we are both professional and driven organizations. Our business of acquiring land and offering the investment opportunity has been around since 1979. Foreign investment has always been a part of that model and growth of both of our firms. It was therefore obvious how we could work together. The advantage to TIMC’s select clientele is diversification of investing into an asset, where Walton, the manager of the asset, has a deep history of success. Through TIMC’s due diligence on Walton and the investment, they have identified an industry leading partner in Walton. Walton has many High Net worth clients from some of Canada’s wealthiest families, pensions and insurance companies. They have invested with us because of an opportunity to invest in an environment that is considered well managed and a safe investment climate. Walton’s advantage is that we have relationships with each municipality to work collaboratively on taking real estate through the entitlement process. This is where clients from around the world have benefited and it is a pleasure to work with TIMC in offering this opportunity to clients looking to invest in Canada.

Q2. Jeanne Labbe: What is Walton’s investment strategy?

Tony Deegan: Land is transformed into communities through specific stages. Walton’s pre-development land sales focus on the early stages, allowing purchasers to participate at earlier points in the real estate process. These stages have traditionally only been accessible to those who could commit the significant funds necessary to acquire large tracts of land. The strategy of our pre-development land projects focus on the early stages in the evolution of real estate – undeveloped land and concept planning. We strategically acquire land in the anticipated path of future growth corridors.First, Walton spends at least two years researching and assessing an investment region. Geographical, economic, and financial implications and opportunities are all thoroughly evaluated. We utilize a proprietary software system that we call Land Master that maps over 120 million acres of land in North America with the focus on these growth corridors. With Land Master, we can layer over maps and regional specific data to help identify land that fits into our business model. Next with structuring an opportunity Walton provides transparency and clarity in its transactions. Purchasers find in Walton a company motivated to create fair deals and solid returns. During the Concept Planning, Walton acts as a caretaker of the land and responds to government mandated and controlled planning. Finally Exits, Walton expects buyers in further stages of the evolution of real estate to see value beyond the land commodity alone. The properties we administer have been sold to municipalities, developers, and institutional investor syndicates. Historically, these transactions have been both arm’s-length and non-arm’s-length. Investors may receive and accept an offer to sell the land at any time. Once an offer is accepted and closes, investors receive their sale proceeds.

Q3. Jeanne Labbe: Tell us a bit more about the Canadian Southridge project, offered to TIMC’s distinguished clientele.

Tony Deegan: Walton Alberta Southridge Sophisticated Investor Corporation is an investment opportunity set up specifically for TIMC and our new partnership. Its approximately 1,234.9 acre tract of land located just southeast of the City of Calgary’s southerly most border. The Property has access to major road networks and is situated in a corridor within the MD of Foothills that has been identified as the district that will accommodate the majority of the MD of Foothill's future growth and development.

Q4. Jeanne Labbe: In your opinion, how fast will the Canadian Southridge project fill up?

Tony Deegan: We are looking to raise a maximum of $58,000,000 and have just started as TIMC has just began its marketing activities. In my opinion it will be sold by August 31st.

Q5.Jeanne LabbeWhat has been the average return on investment for Walton projects overall?

Tony Deegan: As of December 31st, 2014, 66 pre-development projects have had full exits. In the 66 fully exited land investment projects from December 1, 1998 to December 31, 2014, the projects earned, on exit, weighted average IRR of 12.47% per annum as set out in the Schedule. The range of IRRs earned by the exited projects was from 4.75% to 28.51%.

Q6. Jeanne Labbe:  How many clients worldwide have decided to invest with Walton?

Tony Deegan: We have over 92,000 clients around the world primarily located in Southeast Asia, United States and Canada.

Q7. Jeanne Labbe: Tell us a bit more about Walton’s culture, values and long-term vision

Tony Deegan: The Walton Group of Companies is one of North Americas leading Land Based real estate Investment and development groups, currently managing assets of over $4.8 billion, including nearly 97,000 acres of land and over 92,000 clients. Our mission is to appreciate land value and our vision is to become the largest developer in North America. Our culture is a group of goal oriented staff and ownership aligned to accomplish that vision. We are well positioned with our lands that are all owned without leverage, to work through economic downturns and capitalize on strong growth statistics. The Doherty Family started the company back in 1979 with all of this in mind.

Q8. Jeanne LabbeWhat else should our clients know about investing with Walton?

Tony Deegan: Walton has a proud history and a bright future. We have been in operation since 1979 and seen 66 projects go through to an exit for our investors handing back almost $1.8 billion and with that history, we have never had a project deliver a negative return. We believe that through our research and structuring of investment opportunities, understanding of each market we operate and key partnerships that allow us to grow is a key to our future.

Q9. Jeanne Labbe: Are you planning any trips to present Walton to TIMC’s distinguished clientele in the near future?

Tony Deegan: It is very important for me to personally meet TIMC clients and to have the opportunity to explain to them our vision and mission. This is why I will be travelling to TIMC’s markets in the next few days to meet with clients who express an interest in Walton. I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to travel with TIMC to meet with its clientele and introduce Walton and our Strategy.

Jeanne Labbe: Thank you very much Mr. Deegan for taking the time for this insightful interview. 


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