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Immigrant Investor Program OF QUEBEC IN CANADA

by Sherbrooke Street Capital

As the second largest country in the world, Canada represents a true opportunity for those looking for an incomparable quality of life, away from present turbulences and uncertainties. Canada offers access to a second residence in a safe and peaceful environment, with economic and political stability, a reputable and subsidized education system, as well as a gateway to the very large North-American business market.

For 30 years, TIMC has been servicing clients like you, international high net-worth individuals who are interested in immigrating to and investing in Canada. As an authorized agent, TIMC offers the Immigrant Investor Program, first choice for wealthy business people and their family for Canadian immigration.

Quebec's exclusive Immigrant Investor Program provides an opportunity for experienced business people to obtain Canadian permanent residency. A few conditions apply, including:

  • Making an investment of CDN $1,200,000 in the form of a deposit, guaranteed by the Government*;

  • Demonstrating two years of experience in business over the last five years;

  • Having a personal net-worth of at least CDN $2 Million, obtained legally.

*Loan option available to TIMC clients who qualify for this program

Furthermore, your knowledge of French puts you at a special advantage: by demonstrating an intermediate to high level of proficiency in French, you have the unique opportunity to apply immediately to the Program and to see your file handled with top priority.

By choosing Quebec, you choose:

  • The largest province in Canada; 
  • A free and equal society;
  • A North-American lifestyle with a European flavour;
  • Business opportunities in the largest free-trade zone in the world.



Our distinguished partner for the
immigrant investor program



Owned and run by experienced professionals with proven track records, Sherbrooke Street Capital, an independent full-brokerage service firm and investment dealer, offers TIMC’s distinguished clientele over 25 years of experience in the Immigrant Investor industry. 

Special Interview


Mr. Guy Pilote
Senior Vice-President, Sherbrooke Street Capital

Special Interview With Mr. Guy Pilote, Sherbrooke Street Capital 

We had the privilege of meeting with one of TIMC’s preferred partners, Mr. Guy Pilote, the Senior Vice-President responsible for the overall direction of the Immigrant Investor Program, at Sherbrooke Street Capital, a brokerage firm and investment dealer.