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diversified income fund*

By Invico Capital corporation

Preserving the family’s assets is part of high net-worth investors’ goal to preserve their family’s future.

Alternative investments are attracting more and more high net-worth investors looking for different options to preserve their capital. These types of investments offer the advantage of not being correlated to stock markets, which makes them attractive for a portfolio diversification. 

Invico Diversified Income Fund focuses on generating monthly income through a diversified portfolio with asset collateralization or direct ownership in private assets.

This uniquely structured portfolio encompasses active professional management and focuses on generating income through high-yield lending strategies, non-operated energy working interest and royalties in oil and gas

The base target preferred return is 8% p.a. plus potential profit sharing.

Lending strategies include:

  • Corporate Bridge Lending
  • Mortgages
  • Receivables factoring

Energy working interests include:

  • Working interest ownership
  • Royalty interests




*All exempt securities are sold through TIMC Securities Inc. TIMC Securities Inc. is registered with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers in the category of exempt market dealer.

Our reputable partner for 
diversified income funds

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invico capital corporation

Founded in 2005, Invico Capital Corporation is a Calgary, Alberta based alternative investment fund management firm providing alternative investing and financing solutions.

Invico is registered as a Portfolio Manager in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario and an Investment Fund Manager in the provinces of Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland.

Special Interview


Ms. Allison M. Taylor
CEO and Portfolio Manager, Invico Capital Corporation

Interview with Ms. Allison M. taylor, 
ceo and portfolio manager at invico capital corporation

We had the privilege of interviewing Ms. Allison M. Taylor, CEO and Portfolio Manager at Invico Capital Corporation, a Canadian alternative investment management firm and TIMC’s partner. Invico Diversified Income Fund focuses on generating monthly income, target capital preservation and reduce risk.