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Mr. Amre Qahawish
President at TIMC

Our Story

Our story started over a quarter of a century ago, when our President and founder Amre Qahawish, an Economics graduate from the University of Wisconsin and an OPM graduate from Harvard Business School established TIMC. 

From the beginning, he focused on addressing the needs of International High Net Worth individuals and their families by offering them the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program as a solution to preserving their family’s future.

Amre always felt that his background as a Palestinian refugee intrinsically helped him understand the importance of multiple citizenships for ease of mobility.

Current global uncertainties like geopolitical conflicts, global economic instability, governments defaulting on their debt, capital market meltdowns, and the degradation of Swiss banking secrecy laws, are forcing International High Net Worth Individuals to evaluate new options in planning and securing their family’s future and wealth preservation strategy.

In today's global uncertainty, we at TIMC believe that preserving our children's future and peace of mind can be obtained by geographically diversifying your family's assets and citizenships across the globe.

At TIMC we call it a holistic approach to preserving your future; simultaneously thinking about both citizenship and asset diversification.

Our advisors travel the globe and seamlessly deliver multiple investment and second citizenship solutions under one umbrella.

As a registered Exempt Market Dealer under the Canadian Securities Act, we offer our accredited investors access to exclusive financial products such as hedge funds, real-estate funds and diversified income funds.

And as a licensed Citizenship & Immigration firm in several jurisdictions, we have been offering our investors access to second residency and citizenship by investment solutions worldwide.

This holistic approach to preserving the future is pioneering from what we usually see offered on the market today. Some people might think it’s unconventional to combine asset diversification strategies with second citizenship planning, where others see it as wise and prudent, and so do we.

And it is for these wise and prudent investors that we created TIMC’s holistic approach to preserving the future.