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Posted by Monique Copti on May 3, 2017 at 10:37 AM

Westmount_Montreal_Home.jpgWestmount, Montreal, Quebec

As a wealthy family looking to establish yourself in Canada, you will first have to find the best place to live. Security, beautiful landscape, renown private schools, peaceful parks and a great cultural life are some of the aspects to consider before deciding on buying a property, for a better quality of life. You will certainly find these advantages in Canada’s most luxurious districts.


In Canada, the number of people with a high net worth was 443,193 in 2015 and it is expected that their numbers will increase to 483,173 by the year 2020, according to the report Research and Markets 2016.

But in which districts of each the country’s ten provinces can we find a large number of these wealthy families?


Bannerman Park district in the city of St-John

The very popular Bannerman Park, with its Victorian landscaping, makes up the heart of this high-end neighbourhood.

Average annual income per household: CAD$ 209,863
Average property price: CAD$ 756,298


Beaufort Avenue South, in the city of Halifax

The inhabitants of luxurious Beaufort live along the shoreline. They enjoy water sports, as well as the active cultural life that takes place at art galleries and live performance venues.

Average annual income per household: CAD$ 205,280
Average property price: CAD$ 891,646


Brighton, in the city of Charlottetown

Situated at walking distance from Charlottetown’s historic centre and the seaside, Brighton is a predominantly residential district in which several houses have retained their Victorian style.

Average annual income per household: CAD$ 156,128
Average property price: CAD$ 399,000

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Kennebecasis Park, Rothesay, in the city of Saint John

Most residents of this lovely district are boat owners, which are moored at their private jetty. This is not surprising, considering that they live just near Kennebecasis Bay.

Average annual income per household: CAD$ 362,485
Average property price: CAD$ 613,000


Summit Park, Westmount, in the city of Montreal

Montreal_Skyline.jpgMontréal, Québec 

Calm streets, palatial residences, flourishing gardens, parks and prestigious private schools have long made the reputation of this upscale Montreal neighbourhood.

Average annual income per household: CAD$ 968,212
Average property price: CAD$ 2.69 million

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York Mills-Windfields, in the city of Toronto

Toronto_Boats.jpgToronto, Ontario

One of the most luxurious areas in all of Canada, with prestigious residences located within a quiet natural environment, in spite of the proximity to the city’s major thoroughfares.

Average annual income per household: CAD$ 1.21 million
Average property price: CAD$ 3.4 million

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Tuxedo district, in the town of Winnipeg

A charming, exclusive district of Winnipeg, Tuxedo is located alongside Assiniboine Park and its forest, as well as the Assiniboine River.

Average annual income per household: CAD$ 297,000
Average property price: CAD$ 708,541


Furdale, in the town of Saskatoon

Surrounded by the South Saskatechewan River and three country clubs, this sumptuous neighbourhood is almost entirely residential.

Average annual income per household: CAD$ 448,123
Average property price: CAD$ 1.54 million

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Britannia, in the city of Calgary

Calgary’s most affluent neighbourhood, Britannia is located on the eastern shore of Elbow River, and offers an incomparable view of the river valley and the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Average annual income per household: CAD$ 1.45 million
Average property prize: CAD$ 2.28 million

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Shaughnessy Heights, in the city of Vancouver

This almost exclusively residential neighbourhood in the suburbs of Vancouver is the site of some of the most luxurious real estate in Canada.

Average annual income per household: CAD$ 777,184
Average property price: CAD$ 3.09 million

 Vancouver.jpgVancouver, British Columbia 

As an affluent individual of international origin interested in settling in Canada, you will doubtlessly be looking for a safe neighbourhood with good educational facilities, well-tended parks and the possibility of continuing the lifestyle to which you and your family are accustomed.

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