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A winning strategy to preserve your wealth

Posted by Monique Copti on September 2, 2021 at 3:41 PM


Whether geopolitical, economic, or even health-wise, current and future global uncertainties remain a daunting challenge for high net-worth individuals seeking to preserve their financial assets. Indeed, the negative impacts of these uncertainties on their wealth are often significant and can even affect the future of a whole family.

To overcome this challenge and be able to envisage a more serene future, it is best to choose the winning strategy to preserve your financial wealth, namely a strategy of geographic diversification of your assets:

Risk reduction

By keeping the majority of your assets in the same region of the world, you take a great risk in the event of a regional crisis. However, you can reduce this risk by diversifying some of your assets across different countries, especially those with a long history of growth and stability.

This strategy also allows you to offset the volatility of a single economic region, reducing your long-term risk compared to an investment portfolio that is less geographically diversified.

New opportunities

Today and with all the technology advancements in all fields, including finance, you have the ability to access a wide variety of investment products around the world.

By considering investments abroad, you open the door to new opportunities that will help you protect your financial wealth. You can take advantage of the growth of emerging economies, innovative industries, attractive returns from foreign investments or new business opportunities. You can also expand your company or relocate it.

Access to foreign currencies

The stability and strength of some foreign currencies are a great reason to geographically diversify your investments. In addition, such currencies from international investments will give you greater flexibility in your business and travels.

Consistent returns

While some of your investments in a given region might stagnate and result in a decrease in your returns, your other investments in different countries could compensate for this decrease and continue to produce returns, thus helping to preserve your wealth.

There are numerous advantages to investing in different parts of the world. Thus, by geographically diversifying part of your financial wealth, you will protect it from unexpected losses, especially if the bulk of your assets are located in a region particularly exposed to geopolitical or economic crises.

Diversified in different countries, your investments will always allow you to have various options at your disposal regarding your finances, your business, your travels and even your future. You will not be limited in any way and with this winning strategy, you will enjoy a freedom that few can enjoy.

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