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What it's like to join a close-knit team

Posted by Alicia Renaud, Digital Marketing Specialist on May 31, 2018 11:37:35 AM
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Group Photo

My first group photo with the team

An important part of my interview process at TIMC was the part that determined whether or not I would fit into the culture. I learnt a lot about myself after I was asked plenty of questions I never would have thought to ask myself before. I thought it was an interesting part of the process and I understood the reasoning behind it, but I could never have imagined how important it really was.

When I came in for my exploratory day, I quickly saw why there was so much emphasis on it. Everyone works together 24/7. We literally can't function without each other.

Now I am a part of that team, I am just as close-knit to them as they all were when I started, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My First Day

My first day was more than intimidating. I am a very loud, outspoken person, having grown up in a family of 6 people, where it's eat or be eaten and yell or don't be heard. But when I am in a new environment, with people I don't know, I tend to scale back, be quiet, and observe.

My first couple of days were like that. I followed everyone along, did my training, spoke when spoken to, laughed quietly at all the inside jokes and funny travel stories. This kept up only for a little bit, until so many people were asking me questions I felt comfortable just talking out of the blue. 

Don't get me wrong - everyone made every effort to include me in everything. Going out for walks, having coffee breaks together (after getting over the fact that I don't drink coffee). It's just hard to fully integrate into a team that is already so integrated.


Like any relationship, it takes a while for trust to be formed. Eventually, I built it with this team, and the team built it with me. I couldn't be happier that that happened.

Today, I am as comfortable here as I am in my own home (minus the dress code). I will eat out of the dishes provided in the kitchen instead of my own tupperware, I will yell across the office at someone I need an answer from just like everyone else.

Being part of a close-knit team like this is something I had always wanted in my job. It changes everything. I love coming to work, because we are like a family. We laugh, we cry, we tease each other, and it makes working with them and doing my job that much better and that much more fun.

I now fully understand why the culture fit is such an important part of the interview process. More so than before when I just "understood". It would be truly hard to work with this great group of people if I didn't really fit. Changing things for one person can change the entire group dynamic, and that would likely make us much less productive as a whole. 


While I was nervous at first and it is definitely intimidating to join a close-knit team like this one, everyone here did a great job of making sure I felt included and worked hard to bring me into the fold. I am so happy I wasn't scared off at the beginning and stuck it out because that close-knit team is part of what makes my job my dream job.

And now, as our Workshop approaches, I am getting excited to get to know everyone on this team even more! 


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