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Alicia Renaud, Digital Marketing Specialist

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Handling New Responsibilities

Posted by Alicia Renaud, Digital Marketing Specialist on Sep 28, 2018 2:31:52 PM


Have you ever been in a situation where circumstances changed, and all of a sudden you had a multitude of new responsibilities and didn't know how to handle it? This can happen to anyone in any setting - professional or personal - and I am for sure right smack in the middle of it professionally. 

At the beginning of August, I was told I would be gaining much more responsibility at work. Not only would I be working directly with TIMC's president to run the marketing department, but I would have much, much more work that I had previously had throughout my time at TIMC. I am not ashamed to say I was a little nervous, but mostly excited.

Going from a one page job description to a four page job description is definitely intimidating. Here I will discuss how to handle new responsibilities and all the opportunities for learning that come with them. 

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Topics: Life at TIMC, Workplace Culture

A Week In Antigua: Workshop 2018

Posted by Alicia Renaud, Digital Marketing Specialist on Aug 3, 2018 3:26:57 PM

The team at the beach after our tour of the Island

In the first week of June 2018, the entire company hopped on a plane and met up in Antigua and Barbuda, for our annual company workshop. This year’s location was selected by our Workshop Committee and President. They chose Antigua and Barbuda so that we could get to know the partners we work with there, visit the properties we sell, and get to know this beautiful country. It’s always easier to promote something you have seen yourself in person, so what other choice did they have? Antigua and Barbuda was the perfect place for us to work, relax, and get some good quality team bonding (and tanning) in.

Here I will give you a recount of our trip, people we met, things we ate, places we visited and beaches we swam at.

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Topics: Life at TIMC, Workplace Culture, Work Trip

Getting Past That Afternoon Slump

Posted by Alicia Renaud, Digital Marketing Specialist on Jul 23, 2018 5:00:01 PM

The team at Rutherford Park during Lunch

Everyone is familiar with the "Afternoon Slump". 

You come into the office full of energy in the morning, get a little tired but then break to have lunch, and then around 3PM, you're exauhsted, unmotivated, miserable, and snacky.

We are happy to say that (as we know lots of research has shown and are not claiming this discovery is our own) we have found the cure for the afternoon slump. Can you guess what it is?

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Topics: Life at TIMC, Workplace Culture

Histoire amusante de Jordan

Posted by Alicia Renaud, Digital Marketing Specialist on Jun 22, 2018 11:32:29 AM

                    Jordan devant les pyramides de Gizeh pendant l'un de ses voyages en Égypte!

Durant leurs voyages d'affaires, nos Conseillers vivent des expériences incroyables et très différentes de leur vie au Canada. 

Travailler de l'autre côté du monde apporte aussi des changements dans la manière dont on fait des affaires. Nos Conseillers ont beaucoup appris pendant leurs séjours à l'extérieur du pays.

Voici une vidéo de Jordan dans laquelle il raconte la première fois qu'il a mangé avec ses mains.

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Topics: Life at TIMC, commerce international

What it's like to join a close-knit team

Posted by Alicia Renaud, Digital Marketing Specialist on May 31, 2018 11:37:35 AM

My first group photo with the team

An important part of my interview process at TIMC was the part that determined whether or not I would fit into the culture. I learnt a lot about myself after I was asked plenty of questions I never would have thought to ask myself before. I thought it was an interesting part of the process and I understood the reasoning behind it, but I could never have imagined how important it really was.

When I came in for my exploratory day, I quickly saw why there was so much emphasis on it. Everyone works together 24/7. We literally can't function without each other.

Now I am a part of that team, I am just as close-knit to them as they all were when I started, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Topics: Life at TIMC, Joining TIMC

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